03 August, 2012

The Doctrine of Ultimate Reality in Sikh Religion: A Study of Guru Nanak’s Hymns in The Adi Granth

The Doctrine of Ultimate Reality in Sikh Religion: A Study of Guru Nanak’s Hymns in The Adi Granth

By- James Massey

Sikh religion though comparatively young among the world religions, has its adherents all over the world. Several good studies dealing with the teachings of Guru Nanak, its founder, and the general tenets of Sikh religion are available. Yet there is hardly any work which deals with the cardinal doctrine of Sikh religion.

The present study concentrating on the cardinal doctrine of Ultimate Reality in Nanak’s hymns attempts to fill this gap. It addresses such important questions as ‘Is the Ultimate Reality as seen by Nanak absolute or personal or both?’, ‘Is it transcendent or immanent or both?’, ‘How does Nanak address it or does it have any name?’, ‘Is this Reality with attributes or without?’, ‘What is the relationship of this Reality with the visible universe including human beings?’, ‘Can this Reality be known?’, ‘If so, how?’

The study is divided in five chapters. Starting with an introduction, the first chapter makes a detailed study of the key phrase of Mul Mantr, Ik Omkar based on the contents of Nanak’s hymns. Chapter two presents a brief survey of the various names used by Nanak for Ultimate Reality to facilitate proper grasp of deeper meanings of the doctrine. Chapter three examines the various attributes of the doctrine. One of the main attributes of the doctrine, viz. Karata has been separately discussed in the succeeding chapter. The key to the revelation of Ultimate Reality – gur prasadi had been studied in Chapter five. This is followed by a summary of the whole study and conclusion. A detailed glossary has been provided to facilitate understanding of various vernacular terms used in the book.

A perceptive work on Sikh religion in particular and comparative religion in general.

James Massey is currently the Director of the Centre for Dalit/Subaltern Studies and Community Contextual Communication Centre, New Delhi and Hon. Secretary of the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (University), West Bengal. Dr. Massey is Privatdozent, the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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