03 August, 2012

Discovering Banda Bahadur

Discovering Banda Bahadur

By- Surinder Singh

In this book, the author has attempted to tread a different path from the books written by various historians on Banda Bahadur. The period of 20 years (1688-1708) of Bairag, that Banda Bahadur spent before settling down at Nanded has been taken as dark period with no available historical account. Banda Bahadur spent these years amongst the Nagas, Sannyasis, Yogis, Gosains, Dasnamis, Dadupanthis and many other sects with their own akharas under charge of their own mahants. Large scale degeneration had set in amongst these bairagis eith the use of drugs, drinking, keeping women, fighting mercenary battles, trading and other commercial interests taking precedence over spiritual matters. Banda Bahadur did not take to the degenerated way of life of these warriors, but learned from them training of mind and body and battle strategy.

The meeting of Guru Gobind Singh with Madho Das (Banda Bahadur) has been cloaked in fanciful stories by almost all historians writing about the life of Banda Bahadur. These indiscreet stories have tarnished the guru’s image to some extent as well as Banda Bahadur’s image to a large extent. The merits of Guruji’s selection of Banda Bahadur and Banda’s achievements can best be judged from the quantum and quality of Banda Bahadur’s service to the Sikh Nation at the most crucial period of their survival.

This volume provides a much needed corrective to the history of one of medieval India’s greatest warriors.

Surinder Singh, retired in 1987 after over thirty years with Indian Defence Accounts. His publications include: Sikh Coinage: Symbol of Sikh Sovereignty (Manohar, 2004).

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