03 August, 2012

Social Transformation in North-Western India during the Twentieth Century

Social Transformation in North-Western India during the Twentieth Century

By- Chetan Singh (ed.)

Over a hundred and fifty years after the mid-nineteenth century, north-western India underwent a degree of social transformation that was, indeed, impressive. A collective effort alone can unravel the complex nature of the processes underlying this remarkable change. This is what the book sets out to do.

Its historical perspective reveals diverse modes of resistance and response, especially in the Punjab, to a colonial ideology that sought to institute a subtle, yet powerful, forms of social control. After Independence, the much celebrated Green Revolution drew the peasantry of north-western India into the vortex of economic trends that had unexpected and far-reaching consequences – which are today a matter of great concern. Long-term social currents that had been stirring rather slowly in the region gained momentum. As a result, the process of societal change, started earlier began to strain against the restrictive fabric of the traditional social order. Social Transformation in North-Western India endeavours to explain the multidimensionality of change that is so characteristic of the region.

This book would be of interest as much to the social scientist and the policy maker as to the journalist and the lay reader.

Chetan Singh is Professor of History at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.

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