03 August, 2012

Hindustani Music: Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries

Hindustani Music: Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries

By- Joep Bor, Francoise ‘Nalini’ Delvoye, Jane Harvey and Emmie te Nijenhuis (eds.)

North Indian or Hindustani art music has a wealth of vocal genres and instrumental styles, some of them rooted in the past and others of a more recent origin. Although Indian music is primarily an oral tradition, it has a long practice of written music theory. Through dozens of musicological treatises and other historical documents we know that changes in patronage and musical taste have had a profound effects on ragas, talas, style and repertoire.

This collection of twenty-five essays by prominent scholars provides a major overview of the history of Hindustani music from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, and the sources that make up this history. The essays are thematically arranged into five parts: (1) The Formative Period; (2) The Modern Period; (3) Musical Instruments; (4) Indian Music and the west, and (5) Concepts and Theories.

Addressing a broad range of issues, the authors raise questions about the sociocultural and political contexts in which new musical forms and instruments arose. Much attention is given to the developments that took place in the music life during the last three centuries, and to the impact of the colonial encounter and nationalism when Hindustani music acquired its modern identity.

Covering eight centuries, this 736-page volume has a comprehensive introduction and extensive bibliographies. With such a variety of topics and source materials, it is invaluable for anyone interested in Hindustani music and its history.

Joep Bor, a Professor at Leiden University , is the founder of the World Music Academy at Rotterdam Conservatory.

Francoise ‘Nalini’ Delvoye, a scholar of medieval Hindi literature and Indo-Persian culture, is Directeur d’etudes at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris.

Jane Harvey has been involved with Hindustani music for around thirty years as a vocal student, publications editor, teacher and organizer.

Emmie te Nijenhuis, retired university professor of Indian musicology and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences.

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