02 December, 2012

The Indian Entrepreneur: A Sociological Profile of Businessmen and Their Practices

The Indian Entrepreneur: A Sociological Profile of Businessmen and Their Practices

By- Bruno Dorin (ed)

Drawing a sociological profile of the Indian entrepreneur is an ambitious and tricky task. India is a world of diversities, and the same is true in its corporate world. Some great Indian businessmen developed worldwide activities, while others confined themselves to the local market. They may be deeply attached to the traditions of their religious or caste community, whereas others are very westernized and have been so for generations. They may be heirs to an hundred-year old family business, or self-made men whose affairs flourished within a few years. They may have studied in prestigious business schools, or given up their studies rather early. In order to have an overview of these various universes, and also to provide a practical guide of key names and concepts, this book focuses on three different levels; the socio-cultural world (family, community and value-concepts in India), the politics of business (history and strategy of five Indian industrial empires) and the employer in his enterprise (international leather shoemakers in the southern state of Tamil Nadu).

Bruno Dorin, French socio-economist and former Director of the CSH (1995-1999), lived 8 years in India where he conducted various research programmes on contemporary Indian economy and society.

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