27 August, 2012

The Autobiography of Indulal Yagnik (Set)

The Autobiography of Indulal Yagnik (Set)

Volume 1: Part One: Life’s Development | Part Two: New Life in Gujarat
Volume 2: Part One: Imprisonments | Part Two: Life’s Struggle
Volume 3: Part One: Peasant Stories | Part Two: Last Streams

By- Devavrat N. Pathak, Howard Spodek and John R. Wood (Translators)

Indulal Yagnik’s Autobiography is an indispensable key to understanding: modern Gujarat and many of its leading personalities; the congress organization of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai; grass root peasant and tribal movements and their clash with the Congress; international dimensions of the freedom struggle; the Mahagujarat movement for a separate Gujarat state. On a more personal level, it reveals a brilliant but ‘unstable’ soul searching for his place in an unsupportive family and a political world that he found stifling, but with an array of friends and causes which sustained him.

These volumes reveal Indulal’s evolution from a young man of the elite Nagar Brahmin caste exploring the byways of his hometown of Nadiad; winning a series of scholarships to study philosophy, science, and law; beginning a life-long commitment to journalism by establishing Navajivan ane Satya, and later turning it over to Gandhi and moving to Ahemedabad; losing out in political struggles with Patel and deserting the movement; taking up filmmaking in Bombay; spending five years in England and Europe spreading propaganda for – and sometimes against – the Congress; returning to India to organize peasants and tribals and finally undertaking the defining struggle of his later years, the campaign for a separate state for Gujarat. Indulal presents his inner struggles and his relationships with friends and colleagues with unusual candour. From its first publication, Indulal’s Autobiography was regarded as a classic of Gujarati literature, politics, and culture. Now English readers can share in its richness.

Devavrat N. Pathak (1920-2006) served as a Professor in and Chair of the School of Social Sciences, Gujarat University; Vice-Chancellor of Saurashtra University; and Director of the Gandhi Peace Research Centre of the Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad.

Howard Spodek is a Professor of History at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

John R. Wood is Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Centre for India and South Asia Research, University of British Columbia.

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