27 August, 2012

Europe in Transition: From Feudalism to Industrialization

Europe in Transition: From Feudalism to Industrialization

By- Arvind Sinha

The developments in Europe from the late-fifteenth till the end of the eighteenth century represented a crucial phase in the emergence of the modern world. Scholars refer to this period as ‘early modern’ and this expression is often associated with ‘the rise of the modern west’.

The pace of change gained momentum during this period undermining the roots of the feudal society. The economic transformation pushed Europe towards capitalism. The forces of change could be located in the diverse spheres of human activities although the scale of change varied from one region to another. The transformation of local economies into the larger European market economy, the geographical discoveries and the new sea routes resulted in the creation of colonial empires based on new forms of exploitation.

The rise of nation-states under absolute rulers replaced the decentralized feudal structure. Discoveries in arts and sciences and the religious movements opened up new mental horizons which gave birth to new social attitudes, cultural patterns and scientific outlook. At the same time, the negative trends during this period such as the rise of slave trade, new forms of exploitation and a wild craze for witch-hunting are also included in the discussion.

This book adopts an interpretive approach and tries to explain what led to the dislocation of centuries-old social order and the emergence of new social classes. This volume is required reading for students of Modern/European history and culture.

Arvind Sinha is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has Taught European History to Graduate and Post-Graduate students in Delhi University. He was an associate in Eurindia Project (an EC project), from 2003 and a Fellow at Nehru Memorial Museum & Library from 2005.

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