27 August, 2012

In the Days of Cages

In the Days of Cages

By- Aparna Lanjewar Bose

A dazzling new collection of poems by a remarkably gifted poet whose vision penetrates to unravel, expose and cauterize the stereotypes in a uniquely individualistic style. Rejecting formalism of elites these verses appear disarmingly simple, direct but too often profound and significantly complex to communicate.

Without the danger of stunning nostalgia there is resistance and reflection and a discernible sociopolitical consciousness besides a regular reproach of the self whose seemingly endless search for belonging, and meaning and sanity collides with a disjointed, base, absurd and insensitive world.

Tender, confessional, joyous, painful, disturbing, rebellious and provocative, the poems in this volume celebrate humanity and womanhood in all its complexities.

Aparna Lanjewar Bose (b. 1971) is a trilingual writer, poet, translator and activist. She teaches English Literature at the Postgraduate teaching department of University of Mumbai and resides in Mumbai.

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