07 October, 2012

Mobile and Marginalized Peoples: Perspectives from the Past

Mobile and Marginalized Peoples: Perspectives from the Past

By- Rudolf C. Heredia and Shereen F. Ratnagar (eds.)

The specific themes covered in this volume are modernization and the victimization of the disadvantaged; nomadic pastoralism and tribal organization as separate from the state; the rise of chiefships or states in regions where it was pastoralism rather than agriculture that produced wealth; artisanal mobility and the kinds of crafts produced by pastoralists; the desertions of agrarian settled regions in the past; the forms of incorporation of tribal society into feudal states; shifting cultivation and its relationships with peasantry and local markets; and the gradual changes effected in pastoral society in early Tamilakam.

This volume is based on a symposium sponsored by the Social Science Centre, which is engaged in action-oriented participatory research on issues of current concern. Its publications include Tribal Education for Community Development (1989); and Tribal Identity and Minority Status: The Katkari Nomads in Transition (1994).

Rudolf C. Heredia has a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Chicago and is the founder of the Social Science Centre, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

A Professor of Archaeology, Shereen F. Ratnagar specializes in the bronze age and areas such as urbanization and early economics, and has also written on pastoralists in prehistory.

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