09 October, 2012

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys

By- C.R. Markham

The object of this classic memoir is to furnish a general view of all the surveying and other geographical operations in India from their first commencement in order that, in reading reports of current work, ready means of reference to the previous history of each branch of the subject may be at hand. In case it is desired to follow up an enquiry into the details of any particular operation or series of operations, the references in the footnotes have been made as copious as possible.

Sir Clements Robert Markham (20 July 1830 – 30 January 1916) was an English geographer, explorer and writer. He was secretary of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) between 1863 and 1888, and later served as the Society’s president for a further 12 years. Markham also served as a geographer to the India Office. He was a prolific writer as his publications include: A Memoir of an Indian Survey.

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