17 August, 2012

Sikh Identity: Continuity and Change

Sikh Identity: Continuity and Change

By- Pashaura Singh and N. Gerald Barrier (Eds.)

The collection of seventeen essays, two critical introduction, and a keynote speech, resulted from an International Conference on ‘Sikh Identity: Continuity and Change’ held at the University of Michigan in 1996.

The contributions are in four sections which include Introduction and Keynote Speech: Symbols of Identity and Sikh Tradition; Recent Contemporary Sikh Identity; Politics, Social Issues and Contemporary Sikh Identity. The scholarship covers a wide range of be’, a class notion of identity. Emphasized are the connections between formal, conscious and organized processes of institutional development/identity markers and the informal, unconscious and spiritual ways in which people come to know themselves. These in turn fashion responses to how others understand and accept identity. The papers address ‘Who is a Sikh?’ and provides insights from disciplines such as history, sociology, anthropology, political science and religion.

Doctrine, code of conduct, historical interpretation, authority and creative responses to changing circumstances are issues that do not lend themselves to easy solutions. Yet an open exchange of ideas and alternatives hopefully should reduce tension and lead to a resolution of differences acceptable to Sikhs as a whole. This volume makes a positive contribution toward that process.

Pashaura Singh, Assistant Professor of Sikh Studies at the University of Michigan, teaches and publishes regularly about Sikh tradition, religion and history.

N. Gerald Barrier, Professor of History at the University of Missouri- Columbia has published widely on Sikh and Punjab history. Among his recent works are edited volumes on the Sikh Diaspora and the interpretation of Sikhism within the diaspora.

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