17 August, 2012

Asia Annual 2007: Envisaging Regions

Asia Annual 2007: Envisaging Regions

By- H.S. Vasudevan and Anita Sengupta (eds.)

In Asia Annual 2007, contributors have engaged with the notion of ‘regions’ in Asia from the standpoint of various disciplines of social sciences. In their choice of regions under discussion, the contributors have tackled Asiatic Russia, Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia—which, interestingly, comprise the very regions that have attracted the greatest attention in the realm of Area Studies since the Cold War.

The articles in this volume have approached the question of ‘regions’ from the standpoint of history, international relations and economics, which bring out the interdisciplinary character of the imagination of any region. All the contributors have emphasized the amorphous character of the category of the ‘region’ itself. They have argued that the process of conceptualization of an ‘area’ or a ‘region’ is strongly rooted in the historial conjuncture when the concept
develops. A logical conclusion which could follow from such an understanding of the
category of ‘region’ is that there is little or nothing in the featuers of a ‘region’ (barring its geography) that is immutable. This calls for an interrogation of the very discipline of Area Studies itself. The volume also includes other essays, research notes, review articles and reviews of books.

Anita Sengupta Fellow, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkatta.

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