28 August, 2012

Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures in South Asia: Problems and Prospects : RCSS Policy Studies 35

Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures in South Asia: Problems and Prospects : RCSS Policy Studies 35

By-Upendra Choudhury

Published in association with Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo

The prospect of a nuclear war in South Asia has drawn global attention and concern. This book studies nuclear risks in the Indo-Pakistani and Sino-Indian contexts and suggests a wide range of measures by which India, Pakistan and China could reduce nuclear dangers in
South Asia.

The author argues that there is a direct link between a war or a near war situation and nuclear risks. If the India–Pakistan or the Sino-Indian relationships take a downward turn, three nuclear risks could raise their ugly heads. They include: the intentional use of nuclear weapons, accidental use of nuclear weapons and unauthorized use of nuclear weapons. This book shines a powerful light on the possibility of each of these three nuclear risks in detail.

Choudhury suggests that improvement in bilateral relations and nuclear risk reduction are organically linked and in view of the prevailing suspicion, mistrust and animosity among these three countries, it would be best for India, Pakistan and China to concentrate first on measures that can be implemented without requiring any significant changes in their current security policies. If these measures were implemented, they could lay the foundation for more significant measures at a later stage.

The only full-length study and a timely epilogue of latest nuclear dialogues between India and Pakistan, Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures in South Asia will be a standard reference not only for political scientists and strategic analysts, but also for policy makers, diplomats, journalists, defense personnel and the informed general reader.

Upendra Choudhury is Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He has received his Ph.D from CPS/SSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and published more than fifty articles and research papers in India and abroad. He has also presented papers in several national and international seminars/conferences.

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