28 August, 2012

Interrogating Social Development: Global Perspectives and Local Initiatives

Interrogating Social Development: Global Perspectives and Local Initiatives

By- Debal K. SinghaRoy

This collection of essays shows that as the developmental processes have not positively impacted all sections of the society, due to inherited socio-cultural considerations on the one hand and the state failure to ensure equity to all its citizen on the other, pre-existing social imbalances have been reproduced and furthered keeping vast sections of the population persistently poor, illiterate, in ill-health, un/underemployed, homeless, voiceless, and vulnerable. Beside elaborating the dominant perspectives of social development, it also elucidates several developmental initiatives undertaken among the tribes, dalits, forest dwellers, women, physically challenged, sex-workers in various parts of the country and recorded emerging praxes of social development that have emerged from the grass-roots experiences of cooperative activisms. Self-Help Group initiatives, corporate social partnerships, interactivity of marginalized communities, and ICTs interventions.

This collection would be of immense use to students, researchers, teachers of sociology, political science, economics, history, public administration, social psychology and development studies and civil society activists, planners, executives and politicians dealing with the issues of social development, marginalization and social exclusion.

 Debal K. SinghaRoy is Professor of Sociology, in the Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University. He is a recipient of the Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship, 2010.

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