22 November, 2012

The Bengal Sultanate: Politics, Economy and Coins (AD 1205-1576)

The Bengal Sultanate: Politics, Economy and Coins (ad 1205-1576)

By- Syed Ejaz Hussain

The book presents a comprehensive account of the politico-economic history of Bengal, from ad 1205 to 1576. It has made extensive use of coins and epigraphs to interpret and substantiate the historical narrative culled out from the contemporaneous chronicles and travelogues.

The first six chapters trace the political history. The topics like the date of Bakhtiyar Khalji’s conquest of Bengal; the rule of the Governors and later of the independent Sultans; Bengal’s relations with the neighboring kingdoms; and its role in the regional politics and economy in different phases of history, have been discussed in the light of some hitherto untapped historical material. The debate of Bengal’s isolation from the north and south India has also been revisited.

The seventh chapter traces the administrative hierarchy, power and functions of the state functionaries while in the eighth chapter the economy of the region, inter-local, coastal and foreign trade as well as the currency pattern have been described.

The entire narrative is enriched by a corpus of rare coins spread over 32 plates. Two appendices, the first giving the revised chronology of the rulers of Bengal, and the second listing the mint towns, together with thematic maps, make the book a veritable reference work for medieval Indian history and numismatics.

Dr Syed Ejaz Hussain belongs to the family of late Syed Luqman Haider, a devotee of education and learning, who founded the Town High School at Ara (Bihar) as early as 1882. In 1983, he topped in M.A. (History) from Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya and was awarded gold medal. He obtained Ph.D. degree in History from Patna University, Patna in 1991. Dr Ejaz has contributed a number of research papers in national and international conferences as well as in learned journals. He has toured extensively in India and abroad and has consulted the coin-cabinets such as those of the American Numismatic Society, New York; the British Museum, London and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.  He has also received the Charles Wallace (India) Trust Fellowship to study the Sultanate coins in the collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and is preparing a Catalogue of the said series. Presently Dr Ejaz teaches History in Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan. 

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