13 November, 2012

Sufis, Sultans and Feudal Orders: Professor Nurul Hasan Commemoration Volume

Sufis, Sultans and Feudal Orders: Professor Nurul Hasan Commemoration Volume

By- Mansura Haidar (ed)

Published in association with
Centre for Advanced Study, Aligarh Muslim University

Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan who hailed from an illustrious family, which had given to the nation a galaxy of luminaries, was a scholar, teacher, parliamentarian, minister, an ambassador to the USSR, governor of West Bengal, a social worker and above all a generous and graceful human being. His friends found him to be imbued with a traditional Lucknow culture, the very embodiment of courtesy and good manners, suave, urbane and highly sophisticated. To him personal ties mattered a great deal which he cultivated irrespective of an individual’s politics or religion.

This book is a glowing tribute to the memory of Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan by his colleagues, students, relatives and friends and also from a grateful History Department of Aligarh Muslim University which under his stewardship had been elevated to the status of a National Centre of Advanced Study in Medieval History. His area of study was as wide as his field of action. A fact which is reflected in the topics and subjects chosen for this volume. The essays are divided into five sections namely: Sufis; Sultans; Feudal Order; Miscellaneous; and Reminiscences. The volume will be of much use to medieval, modern, maritime and Central Asian historians and scholar.

Mansura Haidar is a well-known specialist on history and culture of Central Asia. She has been teaching Islamic History, History of Central and West Asia and medieval and modern Indian history at the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University for the past thirty-eight years. She has a profound knowledge of Islamic history both in terms of vastness of sphere and span and her information is based on an in-depth study of the original sources.

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