07 November, 2012

Small Hands in South Asia: Child Labour in Perspective

Small Hands in South Asia: Child Labour in Perspective

By- G.K. Lieten, Ravi Srivastava and Sukhadeo Thorat (eds.)

Published in association with
Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development

Child labour has become a hot issue. International attention has often been focused on South Asia, and initiatives have been undertaken to use pro-active policies, such as a trade boycott, to pressurise governments in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh to implement a complete ban on child labour and to realize universal education.

A gathering of outstanding international scholars, financed by the Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development, has discussed these issues on the basis of empirically grounded research papers. A selection of these papers has been edited for this volume.

The volume contains papers on the extent of child labour in South Asia (and the spread across regions and sectors), its correlation with education, some of the worst forms of child labour, and best practices. The papers are a good mix of social anthropology, economics and political science approaches.

The expertise of the contributors and their concern for what continues to be a stark reality in South Asia make this book an invaluable source of reference on the issue of child labour, academically rigorous and politically relevant. It will be highly relevant to policy makers, scholars, journalists and practitioners.

Kristoffel Lieten holds the Child Labour chair at the University of Amsterdam and at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. He has been the chairman of the IREWOC Foundation (Institute for Research on Working Children) and has initiated several research projects on child labour and child agency.

Ravi K. Srivastava earlier worked at the University of Allahabad and is now professor of economics of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He has published extensively on the agrarian problem in India and has recently conducted various studies on human development, particularly  on education, in the rural areas of north India.

Sukhadeo Thorat is a professor at the Centre for Regional Development at the Jawaharlal Nehru University and is the Director of the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, New Delhi. He has published various articles on agriculture development, poverty, caste, the discrimination of dalits and inequality.

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