06 November, 2012

Power, Politics and Rural Development: Essays on India

Power, Politics and Rural Development: Essays on India

By- G.K. Lieten

Based on fifteen years of intensive anthropological and sociological fieldwork, this book presents provocative insights in the daily life of men and women in various villages of India.

The topics dealt with are varied as also important and policy relevant. The author deals with the propensity of the village panchayats and their actual working in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, the impact of land reforms on development, the causes of the high human development index in Kerala, communalism at the village level, the views of poor villagers on the post-modernist views on development, child labour and family views on children as capital, and with the changing world view in relation to religion, caste and the position of women.

The author deals with these issues drawing on a multifaceted background, taking care at the same time that the views of the villagers, and their daily concerns come through as the principal empirical evidence.

G.K. Lieten has a long-standing research interest in South Asia, which started with his studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi in the early 1970s. He has written and edited a dozen books on India, the latest of which deal with land reforms in West Bengal and the functioning of panchayats in Uttar Pradesh. He is presently working on the development debate and on issues related to child labour in various developing countries. Kristoffel Lieten is a professor at the University of Amsterdam, where he teaches development sociology, and is associated with the Amsterdam School of Social Science Research.

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