02 November, 2012

People’s Movements in the Princely States

People’s Movements in the Princely States

By- Y. Vaikuntham (ed)

People’s movements in the Princely States forms an important aspect in the history of modern India with 45 per cent of the land and 24 per cent of the people, the Princely States played second fiddle to the imperial dictates. From the nineteenth century, till they joined Indian Union in 1947-8,  mostly lived under the umbrella of the British. They never took serious measures or introduced steps for radical transformation of the states. There was no coherent place for the princes in the British Imperial ideology. When the princes were using different strategies to retain centralized power, the people fought against the princes to demand for responsible government and later to force them to join Indian Union. This was an absorbing encounter and an incredible story. In fact, not many books are there to cover as many states discussing the situation in the Princely States. In fact, the growth of nationalism in those autocratic Princely States was difficult, slow and painstaking. The present book tries to answer some of these issues. This book broadly covers number of Princely States, including Hyderabad, Mysore, Travancore, Jammu & Kashmir, Gwalior and small states like Nilgiri in Orissa, Banaganapalle in Andhra Pradesh. Simultaneously along with anti-colonial struggle, the people’s movements in Princely States symbolizes their struggle against the feudal and autocratic princes, which helped in the ushering of Indian Union once India got Independence.

Yallampalli Vaikuntham is a Professor of History and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Osmania University. He was a former Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University, Warangal.

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