26 October, 2012

Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures and Restraint Regime in South Asia : RCSS Policy Studies 25

Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures and Restraint Regime in South Asia : RCSS Policy Studies 25

By- Zafar Nawaz Jaspal

The stockpiles of nuclear fissile material in India and Pakistan continue to mount. Both countries are committed to strengthening their missile programmes. The defence strategies of both India and Pakistan—together with the problems posed by the unresolved Kashmir dispute, deep animosity and distrust between them—make South Asia a conflict-prone region. The nuclear deterrence versus non-proliferation debate does not mitigate the situation in the ongoing strategic competition between Indian and Pakistan. Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures and a Nuclear Restraint Regime in South Asia between India and Pakistan are practicable solutions of limiting the use of a nuclear conflict in the region. Both states have already signed some agreements, such as non-attack on each other’s nuclear installations. But new nuclear-related arrangements which may prove more effective in promoting trust are imperative, while leaving the nuclear deterrence of both states intact.

This book examines the prospects of ‘Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures and a Restraint Regime in South Asia’ which would minimize the risks of accidental, unauthorized, or inadvertent use of Indian and/or Pakistani nuclear weapons. It recommends effective barriers against the danger of loose nukes and facility-related problems. Furthermore, the book explains the nuclear perils in the South Asian strategic environment, along with possible solutions for viable nuclear risk reduction measures and a nuclear restraint regime in South Asia.

Zafar Nawaz Jaspal is Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, where he teaches Strategic Studies, Arms Control, Disarmament, and Nuclear Proliferation. He is also visiting faculty at the Foreign Services Academy, Islamabad. Previously, Mr Jaspal was Research Fellow, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, and at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. He has contributed chapters to books and published a number of journal articles on security issues in leading research journals in Pakistan and abroad. He research interests include the proliferation of nuclear weapons and missile systems (particularly in South Asia), strategic implications of ballistic missile defence systems, and arms control/ disarmament.

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