22 October, 2012

Medieval Central Asia: Polity, Economy and Military Organization

Medieval Central Asia: Polity, Economy and Military Organization
(Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries)

By- Mansura Haidar

The volume is the first of its kind as no other work based on original sources and exclusively dealing with the above subject in such detail is available. Central Asia has remained to be a world apart though its institutions, administrative terminology, methods of warfare, pattern of handicrafts seem to flicker in many other civilizations. The wide spectrum of the study and varied contents of this book depict multifarious aspects of Central Asian history ranging from civil to military organization, tribal to settled, agrarian to artisan population and the life and activities of Naqshbandi saints in the state business. It further deals with political setup, changing notions of state craft, economic structure, system of taxation which go to make the medieval Central Asian life come alive.

Mansura Haidar is  a well-known specialist on history and culture of Central Asia. She has been teaching Islamic History, History of Central and West Asia and medieval and modern Indian history at the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University for the past thirty-eight years. She has a profound knowledge of Islamic history both in terms of vastness of sphere and span and her information is based on an indepth study of the original sources.

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