04 October, 2012

Livestock in Orissa: The Socio-Economic Perspective

Livestock in Orissa: The Socio-Economic Perspective

By- M.P.G. Kurup (ed)

Livestock production is the endeavor of millions of men and women in rural Orissa in tiny small holdings, and is a major source of supplementary income in the agriculture based livelihoods. It offers specific opportunities to the less privileged groups like marginal and landless farmers. Various schemes have been planned throughout the country to utilize the potential of livestock keeping in rural development and poverty alleviation programmes. Yet, there has been a limited impact on rural development and poverty alleviation.

Livestock in Orissa: The Socio-Economic Perspective is the outcome and edited version of the ‘Report of the Steering Committee for Livestock Sector Review: 1999’, initiated by the State Department of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development, organized and liaisoned by the Indo-Swiss Natural Resources Management Programme Orissa.

This study describes and analyses micro and macro economic aspects of the sector, species wise development efforts, their results and potential, and institutional setting. Based on up-to-date statistical information gleaned from literature and extensive fieldwork among the stakeholders in the sector and farmers it specifically focuses on the development perspectives for rural poor and women. The book also contains the text of the ‘State Lievestock Sector Policy’.

It contains a Wealth of information and offers a wide range of users’ insight in the facts and perspectives relating to livestock in Orissa. It will be particularly interesting for those who relate to the sector through their work in livestock programmes and are interested in rural development and livelihoods. The approach and analysis offered in the book will hopefully help people in other states to initiate or implement similar programmes in their states.

M.P.G. Kurup is a former Board Member and Executive Director of the National Dairy Development Board, Anand. He completed his formal education in India and had advanced training in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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