18 October, 2012

History and Development of Prakrit Literature

History and Development of Prakrit Literature

By- J.C. Jain

History and Development of Prakrit Literature traces the important role played by Prakrit language and narrative literature in the development of Indian languages and literature. This is considered to be the first attempt ever, by any Indian or foreign scholar in this field.

This publication has been painstakingly, manually prepared by Dr. J.C. Jain after a detailed research of a wide range of Indian and foreign literary works, which has taken several years.

The manifold contributions of Prakrit in the field of Ardhamagadhi, Sauraseni, Maharastri and Paisachi language and literature, development of narrative literature in Maharastri, contributions in the field of Sanskrit poetics and drama have all been incorporated in this rare publication.

Dr. Jain has considered all the traditional views of ancient authors and grammarians and has compared them to those of the modern times, to enable to present a clear viewpoint to the readers.

Prof. Dr. Jagdish Chandra Jain (1909-1994), a legendary figure in the field of Indology, specifically Jainological and Prakrit studies, occupied the Chair in the Universities of Bombay (India), Peking (China) and Kiel (Germany). His lecture tour to most of the international universities of Europe, Soviet Union, USA, Canada and Latin America was a milestone of his efforts to bring the Indian wisdom in the practical grip of human society.
Besides an author of more than 80 books on a variety of subjects, he has contributed numerous research papers to Indian and foreign journals. One aspect of Dr. Jain’s versatile personality was his active participation in the freedom struggle of India and association with Mahatma Gandhi, Gurudeva Tagore and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.  The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, honoured him by naming the road of his residence after him and to keep his memory alive, the Government of India has released a commemorative postal stamp recently. He was the recipient of several national and international literary awards.

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