02 October, 2012

Emerging Asia: Challenges for India and Singapore

Emerging Asia: Challenges for India and Singapore

By- N.N. Vohra (ed)

India and Singapore have enjoyed close relations in the historical past. In recent decades many factors have stood in the way of cooperation between the two countries. Meaningful interactions started evolving after the end of the Cold War, when the compulsions to view mutual relations through the prism of superpower preferences withered away.

The growing relationship has been spurred by diplomacy, domestic imperatives and changing perceptions (in the case of India) of economic nationalism. Singapore, which has achieved sustained growth, has also begun to see the need to create synergies with India and enlarge mutually beneficial economic relations.

While there is much of Asia within South-East Asia as a result of centuries of cultural and economic intercourse, the interactions among the scholars and experts in our countries have been limited, leading to an intellectual lag in the areas of social and political philosophy. These and related issues are discussed in this volume by prominent academics and specialists from India and Singapore.

N.N. Vohra was a member of the Indian Administrative Service (1959-94). During his tenure with the Government of India he served as Secretary Defence Production, Home Secretary and Defence Secretary.

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