06 September, 2012

Pathway to India’s Partition (Volume III): The March to Pakistan 1937-1947

Pathway to India’s Partition (Volume III): The March to Pakistan 1937-1947

By- Bimal Prasad

This volume, the third in the trilogy on the Pathway to India’s Partition, shows the key role played by Jinnah in the last phase of the journey to that goal.

It also provides the hollowness of the so-called revisionist thesis, that although claiming to work for the creation of Pakistan, Jinnah actually did not believe in that demand and was really working for a compromise which might succeed in bringing about a strong central government for a united India and that this had indeed been the real objective of the Pakistan resolution of 1940 - an absurd proposition. The contents of this volume also reveal the absurdity of the view propounded by the revisionists and others that if, in spite of Jinnah’s efforts to the contrary, India had to be divided and Pakistan created, this was due to the mistakes of the Congress leaders.

Finally, the volume illustrates the acute agony experienced by Gandhi who looked upon the prospect of the Partition with extreme pain and abhorrence and still felt compelled to go along with the proposal for Partition as accepted by the Congress Working Committee and asked the members of the All India Congress Committee to do the same, on the ground that in the communally surcharged atmosphere in India in 1947 there was really no other alternative.


Bimal Pradad, formerly Professor of South Asian Studies and Dean, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and India’s Ambassador to Nepal, is at present Honorary Director, Rajendra Prasad Academy (New Delhi) and Chairman, National Gandhi Museum (New Delhi).

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