30 September, 2012

Delhi Dialogue III: Beyond the First Twenty Years of India-ASEAN Engagement

Delhi Dialogue III: Beyond the First Twenty Years of India-ASEAN Engagement

By- S.T. Devare and Vibhanshu Shekhar (eds.)

This volume offers a comprehensive account of India-ASEAN Relations with a roadmap for the future, involving both practitioners as well as the larger academic community. Moreover, it provides a fresh insight into the intent and strategies of the Indian government in developing relations with its Southeast Asian neighbourhoods. This volume is a reservoir of information on the evolution and growth of India’s Look East policy and a sincere effort to reach out to the wider national and international relationship of India-ASEAN comprehensive engagement.

Sudhir T. Devare is the Director General, Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi, one of the oldest think-tanks in India. He served for 37 years in the Indian Foreign Service and was India’s Ambassador to South Korea, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Indonesia. He has authored and edited books on India and Southeast Asia, and written on various aspects of Indian diplomacy and regional affairs in the Asia-Pacific.

Vibhanshu Shekhar is Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. In addition to contribution to national and international academic journals.

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