10 September, 2012

Art, Myths and Visual Culture of South Asia

Art, Myths and Visual Culture of South Asia

By- Piotr Balcerowicz and Jerzy Malinowski (Eds.)

The study of South Asian Art requires not only expert knowledge of an art historian, but also sound philological proficiency and cultural competence of an Indologist. This calls for a close cooperation of specialists in both fields. The present volume of interdisciplinary character is just this: a solid exemplification of this vital principle.

The volume presents a collection of stimulating and inspiring papers linked by a common theme which incorporates various aspects of art, religion, myths, parables, symbols, literature and visual culture of the region of South Asia. The researchers’ interests go, in certain aspects, far beyond the geographical boundaries of South Asia and reach out to South-East Asia and even to Europe and Far East, revealing close cultural linkages and influences. The collection offers an entirely new material which explores a range of important motives and themes concerned with the art and visual culture of the region of South Asia, and partially with South-East Asia.

The authors examine a wide range of aspects of South Asian art, including sculpture, painting and decorative art, related to religious practice, temple consecration rituals, mythology and cult, eroticism, politics and power as well as the history and spread of artistic and mythological motives from South Asia to other parts of the world.

Piotr Balcerowicz, Professor of South Asian studies at the University of Warsaw, specializes in Indian philosophies, religions (including Jainism) and culture as well as in intercultural relations, conflict management and contemporary history of Asia (South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East).

Jerzy Malinowski is President of the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, Professor of history of art, head of the Departments of History of Modern and Oriental Art at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (Torun).

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