18 July, 2012

Sikhs in Latin America

Sikhs in Latin America: Travels among the Sikh Diaspora
By- Swarn Singh Kahlon

Sikhs in Latin America: Travels among the Sikh Diaspora is an endeavour by the author to complete the Sikh migration map by covering countries about which little is known and hence is a pioneering effort in Diaspora studies. It has been a heartwarming experience for him to meet some of these Sikh Khalsas, at times, all alone in a big city keeping their faith against heavy odds. Then there are Singhs who have lost touch with their ancestral heritage and do not know why they are Singhs.

The actual destination of the immigrants was North America but if that was closed to them, they would go anywhere in the Americas: Argentina being a prime example. This trend exists even today. The USA is still the El Dorado for them.
‘Singh Khalsa’ signs on shops are a sight to behold in the far corners of the globe. The spirit of Sikh enterprise is very much alive. Setting up of gurdwaras, though somewhat late, is helping rebuild connections with Sikhi and Punjab. An interesting aspect is the conversion of locals almost all over Latin America, to Sikhism, by Yogi Harbhajan’s 3HO.

The author has included a chapter on his student days in the USA in the late 1950s, when for the Americans, India was a land of snake charmers and Maharajas. A Sikh was considered either a Maharaja or a pauper with no money to even get a proper shave. It provides a unique contrast to the scene in Latin America.

The author opens these exotic locales for the readers and introduces the early and present Sikh immigrants who are keeping the flag of this adventurous community flying.

Swarn Singh Kahlon, has  been travelling extensively in an effort to complete the global migration map of Sikhs. In the first phase, he has focused on Latin America.

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