27 July, 2012

Gods and Temples in South India

Gods and Temples in South India
By- Winand M. Callewaert

Millions of foreign and Indian tourists and pilgrims visit the thousands of shrines that testify to India’s great cultural and religious heritage. This book has been written as an introduction to the mythological and religious background of the gods worshipped in temples and carved in beautiful status. It also gives a detailed description of the numerous episodes depicted on the walls and inside the shrines. God in ancient India was not only worshipped in the form of a man, but also as a woman. All that ‘appears’ if one looks attentively at the living stones. A journey through south India is definitely as aesthetic experience. A fascinating reading for all those interested in the history of and cultural tourism in India.

Winand M. Callewaert Ph.D. D.Lit. (1943) is Research Director of Indian Studies at the Department of Oriental Studies, Leuven, Belgium. With the collaboration of many scholars and devotees in India he has made an outstanding collection of the oldest available manuscripts of Sant literature on microfilm.

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