30 July, 2012

Descriptive Topographical Catalogue of Orissan Inscriptions

Descriptive Topographical Catalogue of Orissan Inscriptions

By- Snigdha Tripathy

The present book covers a subject of immense value, the epigraphic records of Orissa, the most indispensable source for the reconstruction of its history and culture. Present-day Orissa can now boast of a long chequered history of its own, exclusively due to its immense epigraphic wealth.

Material on inscriptions of different periods, dynasties and localities of Orissa and in the territories which once had formed the Orissan dominions in the past or that have a bearing on the history of this land, are scattered in various periodicals and unpublished works and rarely available to scholars and researchers. For their systematic study, a comprehensive descriptive and topographical catalogue of Orissan inscriptions like the present one. has so far remained a great desideratum for the benefit of students and researchers working on Orissan as well as Indian history and culture.

This volume, the first of its kind, which presents the material in an authentic, analytical and systematic way is sure to remain a source book for serious researchers and students for years to come.

Snigdha Tripathy obtained her M.A. in ancient History and Ph. D. in Numismatics in 1967 and 1983 respectively from the Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. She worked as an epigraphist in the Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar and retired in 2003.

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