19 July, 2012

Bhakti Movement in Medieval India: Social and Political Perspectives

Bhakti Movement in Medieval India: Social and Political Perspectives
By- Shahabuddin Iraqi

This well documented study brings into focus the picture of Medieval Indian society in different ways - the nature of relationship between the state and the Hindus; the mutual understanding between members of the two communities; different trends of Bhakti thought and movement and the interaction between the thoughts and practices of different Sufi orders and Bhakti cults. The detailed account of the literature of Bhakti Saints provided by the author constitutes a veritable treasure trove of source material on different aspects of medieval Indian history. Besides, an attempt has been made to trace the evolution of the Nirguna aspect of Bhakti movement with its aims and objectives.

The volume offers an in-depth study of the conflicting as well as cordial relationship of the leaders of different schools of Bhakti thought with the state and their approach to society, politics and administration. It also analyses the circumstances that led some of the spiritual movements to assume political and even a militant character. Much interesting evidence has been explored from the sources hitherto unknown in the preparation of this book. The work will prove to be a valuable contribution to medieval Indian historical studies.

Shahabuddin Iraqi is Chairman, Department of History and Coordinator of the Centre of Advanced Study (History), Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He has been engaged for a long time in exploring and procuring source material in Hindi on History of Medieval India, and has published a number of articles bearing on the theme in reputed journals. He has written an edited several books, most recently, Medieval India 2 and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: Vision and Mission (Manohar, 2008). The author has also prepared a standard text of the sayings of Kabir on the basis of contemporary sources and is at present engaged in finalizing for the press his monograph Kabir: A Reformer or Revolutionary.

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